Men With a Guitar are more Attractive to Women


Studies Show Women Are More Attracted to a Man Holding a Guitar

A new study from France’s Universities of South Brittany and Paris-Sud suggests that a man is perceived as more attractive to women if he’s holding a guitar in his hands. Researchers at the university enlisted a young good looking man who was assigned to approach women between the age of 18 and 22 and ask them for their phone numbers.

Three different scenarios were presented, the man would approach the women, empty handed, carrying a sports bag and carrying a guitar case. Each time he would ask the women, “I think you’re really pretty and can I have your phone number.” When approaching the women empty handed 14% of them gave him their phone number, carrying a sports bag scored the lowest at 9%, but when the man was carrying a guitar 31% of the young women gave him their phone number.

Playing a guitar may be associated with physical and intellectual abilities.
Researchers French Study.

A previous Israeli study published in Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science had the similar results. A 100 single female students at two universities received a Facebook friend request with the words, “Hey, what’s up? I like your photo” from a single young man. Half the women received the request with a picture of the man playing a guitar, the other half received the same request with the picture of the young man without a guitar.

“While five of the 50 women responded positively to the friendship request that was sent by the profile without a guitar, 14 of the 50 women (28 percent) responded positively to the friendship request that was sent by the profile with the guitar,” wrote the research team.

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