Create a Romantic Welcoming Bed in Seconds

Flat sheet skirt with Duvet-on-bed

Flat sheet skirt with Duvet

For a special occasion or regular intimacy with the special someone you share your bed with Create a romantic bed skirt in seconds to demonstrate to them that the occasion is special.

The bed in our example has one mattress and no box spring, therefore we placed a king size flat sheet over the queen size mattress allowing the flat sheet to reach to the bedroom floor. This gives the bed a lofty bohemian look and feel which complemented the duvet cover.


Bed with flat sheet as bed skirt

Bed flat sheet as bed skirt

Use an over sized flat bed sheet or place a regular size flat bed sheet between the mattress and box spring to allow for the flat sheet to reach the ground creating a bed skirt effect. The loose fit of the flat bed sheet creates a more relaxed bohemian look with the bed compared to the more traditional look of a tailored bed skirt.

To update the look of any bed create a romantic bed skirt in seconds. This is a low cost project, the only cost is the purchase of a flat sheet and makes for a very easy and affordable real-life makeover. By experimenting with various flat sheet patterns, accents and colors the appearance of the bed can be regularly updated.Try matching the color the bed skirt to the color of the pillow cases. Use the same or a complimentary color on a decorative throws of various sizes which you can then place in front or behind the main pillows.

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